Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Kristel Bday

Yesterday I got to see Amy Sedris at Barnes and nobles in union square
with Branden. And let me tell you she is just a little ball of fire. She
is quick, witty, funny, and so smart. Amy was promoting her new book "I
like you" which is basically a cook book/arts craft/good etiquette/crazy
book. I just love her, but I must admit I have a deadly sin I must
confess. I don't like her in strangers with candy show. She is to weird and
just not that much fun for me. If anything its creepy. But other then
that she awesome. Love you Amy if you ever wanted to blow me ill let you.
Call me :o)

Today is a very special day. Its my beautiful baby sisters birthday. She
just turned 14 and I just can't believe how much she has grown. I feel
very lucky that I was old enough to understand that my mom was going to
have a baby. I didn't know about sex at the time but I did know that at
some point in time her belly would get so big that a baby would burst
out. I remember helping my mom around the house and I remember her calling
me so that I could feel her kick inside the tummy. One other thing is
that I knew I would have a sister and my mom thought it would be a boy.
We made a bet and I won't tell you what I asked for because its way to
embarrassing to mention , but lets just say she never paid up. I should
have taken my sister as ransom. Anyway's now my sis is a bit older but
she will always be my little sis who I will protect with my life. She a
really sweet girl with a huge heart. And I just love her.

Hope all is well
Jonathan Vargas

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blackgon said...

Hey man, you are really sweet, as usual :) I have a lil sis too but unfortunately i can't remember helping my mother while she was pregnant or feel my sister's kicks..i just remeber that while we were in the hospital and my mother was going to have my sis, i just couldn't understand why was so importnant for everybody to stay there, and i cried a lot becouse i wanted to go out with my bike.. But anyway i know what loving a sister means. I will always protect her (actually i hate his boyfriend , no men in this planet is good enough for her for me :P )!,and i feel really bad now that i had to leave her moving to Milano for the univeristy..but i really had to take this step.