Wednesday, October 11, 2006

silly fun

Here are an array of random things. Lets start with star Jones porn star
look alike. Her name is Midori. But I would name her either Jones star or
Star Jonesy just to play off the celebrity thing. I found the poster
while walking around 42 street with ken after we had lunch.

On another day I was riding the bus and there was this women that had
some much work done on her face that she looked like Jones rivers. I
stood up discreetly and I took her picture. The woman was fabulous thou.
Was just chatting away with random people on the bus. NYC is the best
place to find the most unique things and people

had my good buddy Cornell send me some pictures since my hard drive
had burnt out and I had lost everything on my computer. Luckily
everywhere I go me and Cornell go so he had a good amount of pictures
that he had taken on his camera. We'll iam getting off subject. I
wanted to show you the before and after pictures of me before I became
an exclusive. I had no idea that I was this bulky. The picture was taken
in mid July. And when I walked into Lucas offices he had told me that I
needed to get leaner. So I cut the amount of calories that I ate and I
added cardio to my daily routine. The next picture was taken in late
august and as you can see the result are drastic. I had lost 12 pounds
in total. I am a lot smaller but hopefully in the near future I can add
more mass on my frame.

Jonathan Vargas


Anonymous said...

You look so different in your after than before that I hardly recognized them as the same person! I don't think you look bad in your before, it looks like it's a lot of muscle...but you have the abdominal V now and there's really not much hotter than that.

The picture you took of that woman on the bus is neat, she looks like she must have been a really fun person! I'm sure she doesn't mind that you took her picture either...if you'd asked, she probably would have made some outlandish pose for you!

DEMHUMPZ said...

I know everybody wants to be lean & mean these days but I think you looked fiyah hot a little thicker. I just wish you had a pic from behind cuz I can only imagine the cakes. ( :