Wednesday, October 11, 2006

birds, games and pics

If you want to see a few picture from the photo shoot with Joe Oppedisano go to ohlalablog. And check them out.

The other picture I took while setting in Bryant park with my friend Branden. The birds were really close so I thought I would take a cute picture.

Oh and one last thing. I am not sure if any of you have played nintendo ds brain academy. Its this really cool game that you can sample at circuit city or best buy. Me and Branden always play this game and of course I always beat him. His best score has been 760 and my latest all time high is 888. I didn't take a picture of that score cause I forgot to. But Branden can back me up even thou he's to ashamed too.

Jonathan Vargas


blackgon said...

Hi Jonathan. You are really a nice guy..i really appreciate the courage you had in taking the decision to become a porn actor..i have quite your same age and i know how hard is taking a decision and wish to never turn the head back and feel bad..probably i will never admit to ALL of the people i love even that i'm bisexual or whatever i i undertand you. but you are in the sistem now so enjoy it as much as possible! And anyway taking care of the own family is unfortunately not so usual today so i'm happy to know that there stil exsist people like you. Take care man

Anonymous said...

I always find myself in such incredible envy of the hot underwear they always put you guys in for photo shoots. Where can I get me some of that green mesh underwear?

Your pictures are hot, by the way! Nice job to you and the photographer (and, of course, to your parents for your genes...)! I'm really excited for this movie, and I usually don't anticipate porns that much but this one...this one's going to be great! :)

cgwoolley said...

Jonathan, have been so busy.
But, it sounds like you handled it
all pretty well.
You never said, what was your
part in "La Dolce Vita"? Which
guys did you get to do scenes with?
I hope we can always keep in
touch. Your bf, Ken, is very
lucky to have you.