Sunday, April 11, 2010

Montreal with no Cam

Vulu vulu Voo lol. Thats what I would be saying while I was walking down the lovely streets of Montreal. Alma would then slap me and tell me to shut up because someone might think I am making fun of the french Canadians. Which I was but in a loving way.

Montreal is a lot different then Toronto. When I am in Toronto it just feels like I am in another US city. But In Montreal everyone speaks to you in French and when they realize that you dont speak french they then speak to you in english.

The week we were in Montreal the sun was nice and bright but the weather was frigid.

unfortunately I didn't have a camera with me so I was able to document my travels. Lost my camera in Miami grrrr..

But ill just give you a run down of what we did.

Walk, eat, walk, eat, eat, eat, walk, sleep, sight-see eat, eat, visit art galleries, nap and a little more eating lol.

On one of the nights Alma and I went dancing at the local dance club called “Le Parking” and we had a blast. If there something you should know about Alma is that she is FIERCE DANCER. She gives it to me nice and hard every-time I go out with here and she just puts me through it in a good way. We had a moderate night thou and just stayed out till 3am.

Ill capture Alma on video one day so you can see her moves till then just use your imagination


ps love this song

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