Thursday, April 08, 2010

A new member to the family

I am glad to say that we have a new addition to the family. My younger brother is now a father and my nephews name is Matthew. He was born in late march and is perfectly healthy. A few days before the baby was born my brother threw one of the wildest baby showers I had ever seen.

I went to the baby shower with Alma and Anthony. It was held over at my mothers place and I was expecting a few people, a little bit of food. Well lets just say it was a full on house party with an admission fee ...... A baby gift. My brother had a DJ, strobe lights, a larger sound system , food, and beers at the house. I met a few of his co-workers and saw friends of his that I hadnt seen in years.

Enough with the party and lets move on with the baby. Matthew is so cute and so small. I was so nervous when picking up the baby and worried I wasnt holding him right. I had to have them pass the baby in my arms because I was afraid I would snap the little ones neck. While holding him I was touching his cute little forehead but supposedly I am not supposed to touch him there for the first few months since he is still developing. I really cant believe we start off so small and end up being such big old monsters.

Even thou Matthew is adorable I want him to be a little bigger. That way I dont have to be so gentle and worry that I am going to break him.

Thats all for now
Uncle J

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