Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bowling with the Gays

This past wednesday a group of us decided to go bowling in the city and we had such a great time. Its been a while since we all have gotten together in such a big group. We went on a wednesday night because it gets too crowded on the weekends. We also got lucky because of Hectors friends worked there and he comp our Lane.

I almost had a major injury. Hector dropped a 12 pound bowling bowl right next to my foot!!! He just laughed it off and said “Oops it slipped” I could have been in the hospital but the key world in the sentence was Could so there was no point in sweating it. I just made sure when it was his turn I wouldn't stand near him.

People were also hot messes since there is a bar at the bowling ally and people ordered drinks as if they were soda drinks. By the end of the night half of us were bowling in the wrong lane or the ball would go directly in the gutter. Maybe thats why I won lol.

Rob was the funniest one that night. He was feeling tipsy aka drunk and he would skip people, shout, dance, and throw french fries. It was pretty funny over all. Cornell was being classy and sitting with his legs crossed lol Just kidding he got up and bowled and did well. He was the social butterfly that he normally is and had a good time.

anyways thats all for now



Cornell said...

classssy bettty!!!

this post was funny. i laughed a lot reading it.

tra la la

Ricci said...

baby, what's happening with your gay porn career? C'mon a hottie like you must be able to get some work in the field?
Ur biggest fan from Belgium