Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Good times over the rainbow

So I am trying to think what to write and all I can do it smile. A little over a week ago I went to this cute little resort in PA called Rainbow Mountain. Its only 1.5 hours away from NYC and the place is just a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of NYC. Unfortunately i had missed the changing of the leaves color but it was still wonderful to get a little bit of nature and breath some fresh air.

I was invited by Angelo the resort owner to come and dance for there "Mens Weekend". They also had asked if I would come and join them for the singles table and mingle with the guest and can I say I had the most amazing time. Everyone was just so friendly and nice and most of all FUNNY! They had me laughing with food in my mouth almost every other minute. The food was nice as tasty as well. The guys would ask me tons of questions and its really funny when they kept calling me Jonathan Vargas. I have always just been used to be calling just plain Jonathan. I get JV from time to time but not so much the full name.

A funny story on my first night there was that when I was getting ready to go to the main cabin for the singles dinner it was already pitch black outside and my cabin was up the hill. Angelos Bf was telling me that he has had a few bear encounters but nothing crazy. Anyways here I am in the cabin looking outside and I am freaking out. What would I do if I saw a bear? I am little they could eat me in no time. Lucky the Cabin was near the main road so I waited for a car to come by so I could use the head lights so I can see. When that car came by I jetted as fast as my little legs could and half way there I hear someone yell "JONATHAN VARGAS" I stop I looked up and said "yea". They said that they were sent up to come get me and why was I running? I told them I was running from the possible bear be-hide me and the just chuckled a bit.

anyways to me it was a funny story you might not find it that thrilling. During the day I went out and explored and It was good to be with Nature and leave the skyscrapers behind. The night of the party was so much fun as well. I did my little dance routine and people seemed to have had a great time.

If your thinking about a great getaway spot you should really considering going to Rainbow mountain. The staff is really friendly and its just a good relaxing place to be. I could only imagine how much fun it would be during the summer time as well since they have a nice big pool

anyways thats all for now

Jonathan Vargas

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