Friday, July 02, 2010

Here comes Hurricane Jonathan

I am not sure if I have mentioned this before...but when I am in the kitchen cooking I tend to leave a small mess. And by small I mean a BIG MESS. I needed to make my tasty and filling Chicken mushroom casserole with tarragon and mustard.

My Grandparents are visiting from Colombia and I really wanted them to come over so they could see where I lived. I also wanted to show my Grandma my cooking stills. Obviously they never saw the mess I left behind because I cleaned everything up and bought flowers for the table and orchards for the apartment.

Lucky for me they loved the food and they let me know how nice they thought the apartment was. I feel so grown up living on my own and having my own things. Mind you a far from being grown Grown but slowly but surely it will all come together.

Gay pride was this weekend and let me tell you something....... I ll wait for the next blog post thou HAHA

Big hug


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