Monday, May 28, 2007

Recap of the week.

Let me start out by giving a shout out to BIG TONY for it is his BDay today. I Just got back from Fire Island which is this magical place where all the Gays go to have an amazing, relaxing time with his fellow HOMOS. Its like going to gay camp because you have this little island where you have thousands and thousands of gay men stay in these very cute wooden houses. There a great beach ( but the water is freezing now) and a place where all the guys go out and dance and just have a great time. I spent my time with Tony, Julius, David, and Stephen for the most part and ran into tons of people I haven't seen in months. Also had dinner with my friend Mark and his BF plus his FI share roomiess. Leaving Fire island is so hard because its such a magical place and its very depressing to go back into the real world. I had to go back since i had only packed for the day and I was being seen with the same outfit over and over again:o). Earlier in the week I got to work with my Porn Husband Jason Ridge again. Its always fun when he is around and we had a great time catching up on what it going on with his life. He is working on a large project but its a top secret. I just want to wish him success with it all. Love ya buddy. Now I am not sure if I mentioned this at all but I am actually leaving to Europe to film a movie in Budapest!!!! I would be filming a few days there and since I was in Europe already I decided that I would go backpacking throughout Europe. My buddy Cornell is going to meet me in Prague then we head over to Rome, Paris, and London. I am super excited about the trip and its my first time in Europe too. I am staying in hostels and everyone has told me to watch the movie hostel since i have never seen it but ill wait till I get back :o/ Well I am off to start my day. Hope all of you are well.

much love
Jonathan Vargas

Ps. the scene with me and Jason Ridge is Out out out. Get your Encounters 5 today


Anonymous said...

very nice pix, but why you always covering up the goods. Give us a treat soon, please. :)

G Cracker said...

Jonathan -- do *not* see the movie Hostel. Aside from being half hetero-porn and half Saw-lite, it's just a bad movie. And yet, still scary.

Fire Island sounds like an exciting place, I want to go there some day!

Jason and you make such a hot couple, it was such a good idea to put you on the cover. :) You both are such great guys too!

Europe is going to be such a blast for you! Enjoy yourself and take lots of pictures for us!

Alexandre said...

I was thinking of maybe getting involved in the industry...I was wondering if you might tell us what it was like performing for the first time.

congrats on your success!



Anonymous said...

I would *so* love to have seen you in hostel showers when I did the backpacking through Euroland thing.

Anonymous said...

one of the best scenes i've ever seen on a dvd