Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sunless TAN

Was Just wondering what you guys think about me putting on a sunless tanner. I am not crazy about being under UV rays and thought it would a good alternative idea. Here are a few pics of me with the sunless tanner. Does it look good? Do I look Orange? Just let me know . and yes that is hottie Damien Crosse in the picture :)

Hope all is well
Jonathan Vargas


G Cracker said...

I think it looks good, it looks pretty natural. Not too orange at all. :)

I've been thinking of doing the same thing, actually. I even bought that Jergen's stuff...I was gonna start in on it today. I hope it makes me look as good as you. (Hahaha, yeah, right, not gonna pull that one off. :P)

Kenyon Farrow said...

Too orange.

Ricci said...

you don't look orange (the colour is absolutely fine on pics), but you do look tired a bit and indeed you should avoid UV rays at all cost and cut down on partying or on too much muscle exercise because in the end also those will demand its payment. But i do sound patronising right now but then you'"re also my absolute favorite 'porn' star.....

Enrique said...

es cierto que los rayos UV son nocivos para la piel, pero el bronceado es realmente distinto... a mi parecer, si hay diferencia entre una crema autobronceante y el sol... despu├ęs de todo, toda la vida nos hemos bronceado bajo el sol, no??

yo voto porque te broncees naturalmente bajo el sol, aunque sea un poco y el resto con autobronceantes.

un abrazo, que sigas bien y FELIZ NAVIDAD!!

filmfanatikk said...

I wanna see tan lines to be completely honest with you. That is the deciding factor!

Luis said...

I also think it looks fine.
Sometimes you see people end up extremely orange, but i think it looks fine.
And its true, uv rays are so bad for the skin.
Still lovin the new haircut, it looks great.
Happy holidays y que viva colombia. No tome mucho aguardiente! :o)

Andres said...

hi, it looks natural if you go like 2 or 3 times a week it could be look orange.


Travis said...

um it is alright,,,but I like your natural skin color.