Tuesday, December 11, 2007


This Sunday I had a pretty frightful experience. I was burglarized while I was in bed sleeping. Let me start with Saturday. Saturday I had gone out with all my friends to Stereo to dance a bit and just have a good time with all of them. We later left Stereo to go to Pasha. We had a late night and I didn't get home till very late. I wasn't able to sleep when I got to bed since Its hard for me to sleep during the day. So I went to Soho with Max to do some shopping. When I got to Soho I was just so tiered that all I wanted to do was be in my bed. So I went back home and got there around 530 in the afternoon. I turned off my cell phone put the curtains down and went str8 to bed. Later on I heard a huge bang in my roommates room. I figured he was just moving things around a bit and I was just so tiered that I didn't care. a little bit later the door to my room was opened and then quickly slammed shut. But again I just assumed it was my roommate or ken. I was about to get up and see what the noise was all about but I was just so tiered and sleepy. When I did finally get up I came out of the room and my front door was open my roommates room was trashed and a laptop was missing. I quickly called Ken and my roommate and asked them to quickly come home. I then called the cops and they came over to investigate. We had like 6 officers in the apartment and we had one guy looking for fingerprints. It was like an episode of CSI. I consider myself to be very lucky person. I am lucky that I am alive. I am lucky that I was so tiered that I didn't bother to get up. had I gotten up I could have easily been attacked or Killed. I was lucky that I had my Id and my ATM card in my pants since I Had gone out the night before. They stole my wallet but I easily canceled my cards and they didn't make out with a lot of money. and I was lucky that they didn't take my laptop which was on the coffee table. it did suck that they took Kens laptop since he had about 6 years of photos and videos on it plus all his music. But when I look at the overall picture it could have been a lot worse.

Hope all is well
Jonathan Vargas


VTLO said...

SOrry to hear babe!! Glad ur OK!!

Anonymous said...

A lot of break ins or robberies are happening to stars lately. Charlize Theron, that guy from "Ugly Betty" and now you. I hope nothing happened to you.

They were probably some punk teenagers to me.

Tre Xavier said...

I'm sorry to hear about your place being burglarized.
What is good is that 1)you're alive and 2)you're smart enough to know how blessed you are to be alive.
Here's to wishing you better days ahead.

ricci said...

waw, what an experience....Well time for ur landlord to put extra security measures on those doors!!!
And in spite of all this harassment, any new projects coming up? Just saw Budapest 4 is out and ur on the cover (who else should be BUT you) and the traile rlooks steamy hot as well.

Travis said...

wow that is insane, but like you said at least you are alright. Things can be replaced, people cannot.

Jason Ridge said...


VividAdultStar said...

I'm glad to hear that your ok! sorry to hear about yours and kens losses but it's better that he and you came out unharmed!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog page ... it is very nicely done. But then I got to the burglary and I felt the pain in the post and though I do not know you I am very glad you were unhurt. We live in very weird, dangerous times.

You are a lucky one indeed. You have a guardian angel which is a blessing. God bless you man.


Jonathan Vargas said...

thx for the support everyone