Friday, March 27, 2009

Its been long OVER DUE

Wow I am not even sure where to begin... Its been over a year since I last posted a blog and let me tell you I HAVE MISSED IT!!!! I haven’t even looked at my blog. I feel really disappointed in myself for not writing because it used to bring me such joy. Especially if I was having a bad day I would just sit down look back and it would bring me back to a time where I was super happy and it would bring a smile to my face. Like I said once before this blog to me is like a journal of my life and I happen to share with the rest of the world. My writing isn’t the best and most creative…. My grammar and spelling sucks…and I don’t get super deep in my writing. Its usually just nonsense and crap, but its my crap and crap that I love. I speak about my nights out with friends at either a dinner or a party, or about my travel experience, and maybe about some movies I have seen. All these little stories give me something. Its gives me joy and laughter. It’s made me aware on how I have changed. I have changed a lot over the course of a year. I have met some amazing people. I have moved from New York City over to Sydney Australia. I work a full time job. I learned how to cook amazing meals. I fell in LOVE (Hench the move to Australia) .

It really is amazing what can happen in life. Never in my life did I ever imagine that I would leave New York. There is so much I want to talk about, but I have no idea where to begin. What I am thinking of doing is to start from the beginning. Start from right before I left New York and decided to leave to Sydney. I know that I am going to be missing a lot of details and I won’t possibly be able to capture the moment but I am going to try my best. My best guides to these moments are going to be the pictures that I have taken over the course of the year.

Attention readers…… A lot of this might not make sense and I might jump from one thing to the next but it all makes sense in my crazy head. I want to be as open and honest as possible but again there are something that I like to keep to myself and private. I wont be covering everything either. I think the purpose of all this is so that I can get back to my normal head space. To get back into a routine of what I used to do. More importantly I think it will help in the healing process. I am sure I am going to shed a lot of tears while writing this but I know that in 2 or 3 years I will look back and I will smile. (My eyes are watery now). Smile like I always have. I want to also thank all my friends for the support and love. You guys are truly amazing. Even from half across the world you guys still manage to put a smile on my face. I also want to thank all the wonderful people I have met here in Sydney. You guys rock!!!! I want to thank my mom for always sending me kisses via text message. (she doesn’t know I have a blog but I can still thank her). Even thou I am feeling tons of pain and I want to strangle him I want to Thank CT because without him I wouldn’t have known what it is to give up everything, become vulnerable and to love like I have never loved before. The feeling was amazing and still is to a degree. I haven’t forgiven CT yet and it can be a while before I do. HELL …. I haven’t forgiven myself yet!! But I want too and I know that overtime I will forgive both him and myself.

……Get readyzzz people Jonathan Vargas is back!!!!!! Well kinda … hehe

Hope all is well


Queer Me Now said...


Cornell said...

girlllll you cray cray.

but I love this post.

its so thought-out. the writing is perfect. clear and concise and to the point. i can't wait to read more.

-Cornell Madonna Lemons Higgins hehehehehe

ok i betta stop

p r i o r O R A N G E said...

you've been missed

Marco Channing said...

Oh my fucking god! I have not removed you from my RSS reader in hopes that one day you'll blog again. Welcome back and I can't wait to read and see the pictures of your adventures.

Marco Channing said...
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np0804 said...

It is good to know you are well. Your fans were getting worried about your long absence.

Jason Ridge said...

You better start talking..... duh.. I already know... but I have missed you so much and yes I'm still posting nude pics of me ..It's a given


VividAdultStar said...

i'm glad ur back. i miss reading your blog :)

ricci said...

At last!
While i don't understand everything (do i have to?) welcome back for a reality check, u can find love in NYC as well dear and the 2nd best place is of course europe for good old fashioned romance....Keep up posting

VTLO said...

"without him I wouldn’t have known what it is to give up everything, become vulnerable and to love like I have never loved before" sounds pretty deep to me babe.. Can't wait to read & see more & SEE YOU!!! missed u so much!