Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Background Info on CT AND ME

So I was thinking that maybe I should start giving you guys some background information on me and Christian. It was January 7th I was out at my favourite Sunday night party Hiro when I met Christian and his friend Glenn.
They were smoking outside and David who was having a cigarette decided to go up to both Christian and Glenn for no apparent reason. We spoke for a little bit and decided to go back inside for a dance. The music was great, but the night was coming to an end and I guess Christian and Glenn wanted to keep dancing so they asked if there were any after parties. We told them about APT in the meatpacking district and decided to get our coats and go with them. I hate waiting in line for coat check so I decided to put my jacket under a bench ( which is what I have always done ) and that night someone took my Old Navy Jacket L. Lucky it wasn’t a cold winter night and the walk was about 5 blocks. It was Christian, Glenn, ken, Miguel and I that ended up going to APT. Glenn ended up leaving a bit early and APT got boring so we all went back to my place. Miguel actually ended up going back home and it was just me, ken and Christian.

Actually there are so many details to the story that I think I can afford to skip a few spots. Me and Christian ended up meeting up during the day a few times and we just walked around and stuff. I was flying to Las Vegas the next day and he was heading back to Sydney the day after. He called me later that day saying he had an argument with his friend and that he was going to spend the night at a hotel and if I wanted to see him. So I went to meet him at the Waldorf Astoria ( FYI that hotel is crap!!!! They have an amazing locations and the foyer is gorgeous but the rooms where pathetic. I would rather stay at the W hotel) but that’s not the point of the story lol. Christian and I had a really nice night and we cuddled which is something I never really enjoyed because I would get too hot. ( his skin was really nice and cool so it made it easy) he was telling me in the morning that I sounded like a lion purring ( which is really code for I was snoring and keeping him up ) We had breakfast and walked around some more then he walked me home because I needed to pack for Las Vegas. This is the cute part of the story now ……..after I said goodbye we walked away but like a minute later we both looked back and made eye contact and it was just really really nice. I went to Las Vegas and was there a few days as you guys may know and then I later went to LA and I decided to send him a text message just to make sure he got home ok. Later that night he got messenger and we just started talking up a storm. Then he introduced me to skype and we started talking via skype. I didn’t think too much of it, but I did think it was special and cute. We spoke like every other day till I finally visited in March. It was just this amazing connection that I can’t describe.

Well I think I should give the past a little rest.
On a more current topic I went to go see “knowing” last night with my friends and lets just say that it’s the WORST MOVIE EVER MADE. I thought “Blindness” was bad but this one was way worse! The acting was horrific; the story line was crap. The only nice thing I could say is that the special effects were good but its hurts when I say that ….. Yuck!!!!!
Dennis your not allowed to pick any more movies from now on!!!!
You have been WARNED J

Hope all is well
Jonathan Vargas

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VividAdultStar said...

LOL i saw that movie and it sucked. i wanted my 2 hours of life back! lol i know i'm never going to get it back but throwing it out to the univers might get me something right lol :)