Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Australia Past: Touching Aussie Soil for the first time back in march 2008

Getting to Australia is not an easy task! You waste a whole day of your life flying in a metal mechanical bird. And my first trip to Australia wasn’t direct lol. I flew from New York to Houston, from Houston to Hawaii, from Hawaii to Guam, and from Guam to Cairns Australia. I still had one more flight to go since Christian was in Townsville and my flight wasn’t for another 5 hours. So I called him to let him know I was ok and slept at the airport. It’s funny because I used to Pronounce Cairns as Car-Nees but its pronounced Kan’s. Don’t ask me why I pronounced it as Car-nees. So when I finally arrived to Townsville I saw CT for the first time in months and he was looking cute. He drove me around Townsville and showed me his parent’s house and we just caught up. It was really cool because we just got along really well and it wasn’t hard for us to laugh. Anyways I think that day we dropped off my bags at his parent home and then we drove up to this water hole. The water hole was really nice and pretty. I saw my first wallaby which is a smaller version of a kangaroo. We swam for a bit then we heading back home and got some food. The reason why we were in Townsville was because we were going to go scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef. We had a few couple of days to kill so CT showed me around where he grew up.

One of the days before the scuba training we went to Magnetic Island which is an island just off the coast of Townsville. Its about a 15-20 min boat ride. It’s a small but very cute island. It has a few vacation homes. I am not to sure if people live on the island full time. I remember heading to one of the beaches. All the Beaches in northern
Queensland have jelly fish nets since jelly fish are a serious concern in that part of the land. I was a little scared but in the end it was fine and we had a good time. We walked around the island for a bit and ate there as well. This is also around the time he wasn’t shy to fart in front of me and OMG THEY STINK. You know how people fart and sometimes the smell sometimes they don’t. WELL CT FARTS SMELL ALL THE TIME AND THEY ARE DEADLY. I think if you put a small animal nearby it would be killed. So after that I farted in front of him as well, fortunately for him mine only smell from time to time.

On another day/night we met up with CT childhood friend who still lived in good old Townsville. We went out to dinner and later that night we went to the highest point of the city and got a great view of the whole town. I also got to see a lot of bats in the air which isn’t something we ever get to see in New York. Townsville was nice considering it’s a very small town and kind of red neckish. We mostly just hung around the pool are rented a movie or drove around town. I rented one of my favourite movies “Saved” which is really funny but I don’t think he was crazy about it. And I was introduced to Delta Goodrem who is an Australian singer. My friend Justin is in love with Delta.

Anyways that’s all for now
Jonathan Vargas Flash from the Past

ps here is a link for one of DELTAS SONGS

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