Tuesday, April 28, 2009

HOME!?!?!?!?! May 2008


Being back on land was a relief. I hate flying and its not because I am scared ( well maybe just a little ) but I hate flying because I hate being confined to a seat for more then 2 hours. So being on a plane for 22 hours is torture. All I did was eat, poop, and sleep. Kenny was the first one to greet us and pick us up. He was so welcoming and he got me a really sweet “welcome to your new family” card and a tub of peanut butter (at the time I was addicted to the stuff). We then to Bondi and had coffee with Adam and Allen I think. Moving my stuff in was easy since I didn’t bring much but clothes.

I remember feeling really torn at the time because I was really happy that I was with Christian but at the same time I was already missing my friends. Christian did his best at making me feel welcomed and so did Kenny. In my head I was just hoping that I could make some friends who were just half as good as the ones I had in New York. We had a dinner party with a few of Christian friend who welcomed me into Sydney as well. Dinner was good but my Chocolate treats ended up in the garbage bin.

After settling I started the process of looking for a job. I hadn’t had a “conventional” job in a very long time so my resume needed to be updated and tailored for Australia. I applied for work via online, recruiters, CT friends, and walking around to see if anyone was hiring. The biggest issue I faced with applying was that I wasn’t an Australian permanent resident and business were looking to hire permanent staff. I was feeling really frustrated since it had been 4 weeks that I had been searching and still nothing. I was bored of doing nothing and having no one to talk to other then Christian. But he was at work during the day. It wasn’t till the end of June that I got a temp role at Citigroup. I worked at Citigroup for a full 6 months and I met a few friends there that I will tell you about later on. I left Citigroup because of my visa restrictions. You see on a work and holiday visa your only allowed to work for a company for 6 months after that you have to move on and find something new.

Other things I did during my first few weeks in Sydney was to open up a bank account. I choice Bankwest as my bank since it had bright colors and it looked inviting. I got a gym membership at Fitness First. I shaved off my hair off. We went to a big dance party Called DTPM which was Awesome for the long weekend. I also set up a surprise birthday dinner for Christian. Well it was supposed to be a surprise but Adam told Christian about it Grrrr. Christian was down because he thought no one had remembered and that I didn’t bother to make it special for him. So in order to cheer him up and for him not to have a miserable day he told Christian about my surprise. I understand what Adam was trying to do, but had it been me I would have let him wait till the surprise. Anyways we ended up having a great time and I got him a cake and I made him his birthday gift. I assembled a cute photo album with pictures from our first meeting and my first time in Australia. I made little comments for each picture and it was just super cute. I kind of wish I could scan it and show you what I mean.

Anyways that all for now….Hope all is well
Jonathan Vargas

Ohhh I saw two really good movies the past 2 night.
I went to see “Elegy” with my friend Wade and I also saw “The boy in the striped pyjamas” with my friend Dennis. Both movies were incredible.


DOUG said...

I am confused. are you guys still together or did you split? are you still in australia? please help me out so I can understand.

jash said...

i've only recently found your blog, but i am loving these tales of your journey to australia. congratulations--and its such a fun read too!