Thursday, April 09, 2009

Meeting Sydney for the first time March 2008

Goodbye Townsville and hello to SYDNEY!! Wow it felt so good to finally get to a big city. Just being at the airport I could tell I wasn’t in “Kansas” anymore. I don’t remember things detail to detail but I will try my best. We first went home to Christian house which was in this little suburb called Bellevue hill. Bellevue hill is incredibly beautiful. Some of the most beautiful homes in Sydney are there. It was just to die for! The house he lived in was cute but it didn’t look like the other houses. The house across the street from us was like a mini-mansion. In all the time I spent in Bellevue hill I never saw anyone enter or leave that house. I got to meet CT roommates Adam and Allen. My ears were still a bit off because of the scuba diving and I think we had a really relaxing day that day. Christian and Adam took me to Bondi beach and to Bondi junction mall. We probably got thai food that night at bondi.

The next day CT had to go to work L so me and Adam drove CT to work and Adam took me all the way up to the Northern Beaches. I don’t remember the names of all the beaches but I do remember him taking me to Manly which is one of the more popular northern beaches. Adam also took me to Bronte and Coogee beach. There I saw the pools that were carved into the rocks. I saw people walking around the street barefoot, which I thought was a little odd at the time.

Most of the sightseeing I had to do on my own since CT worked during the week and so did everyone else. I managed to learn how to get around the city pretty easily as well. I would walk to bondi beach in the morning and on other days I would head into the city. I walked in hyde park which is at the entrance of the city if your coming in from the eastern suburbs. I went to a saint Mary cathedral because I knew Cornell would love a picture of the church. I went to the Queen Victoria building which was a small but upmarket shopping centre. I also went to the gym at Bondi junction which has an incredible view of the city.

When Christian would get out of work he would drive me around some more and we would just laugh and sing and be really silly. We usually ate out but on some nights he would cook. One of my favourite dishes he cooked was the creamy chicken pasta which taste amazing and I can now cook. He knew his way around the chicken which I thought was super cute. All I can make at the time was grilled chicken with steamed rice and veggies. Very boring. Now I love to cook and can make some of the most amazing meals known to man J

Anyways there is more to tell and say but for now me go bye bye
Jonathan Vargas

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Anonymous said...

Hello. I've been reading your blog. It is confronting for me but fascinating. Would you believe I originally came across your blog by searching "The Count of Monte Cristo" which is one of my favourite books?!

Anyway, you're a nice guy and your life, SOOOO far removed from my own, is fascinating. Thanks for the insight.