Thursday, April 30, 2009

Five Ways Cafe By Cornell Lemons

Here is a poem that my Best friend wrote about his last meal in Sydney. Cornell Flew over to sydney this past March to cheer me up.

Five Ways Café

Each breathe you borrow
to light your cigarette,
walking up Paddington Hill,
cannot be rescinded.

At mid-morning, a famished
wind casually invites himself
to share our meal:
whispering eggs over
sourdough, circled by spiced
sausages and mushrooms.
Across the street, a chocolate
labrador’s gentle yawn excites
your retentive tongue. In two
glasses, fleshy blood-orange
juice sits patiently, unencumbered.

Cornell Rocks !!!!!!!!!!!

To clear things up .... I am moving back to New York at the end of May and me and Christian aren’t together anymore. I stop writing my blog for a whole year so I thought I would go back and try to make up for the time I didn’t write. So a lot of this is from my past experience and feelings.

Hope all is well
Jonathan Vargas

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh! Boy you packed a punch in that story. You really had us experience it all with you! I feel like I broke up with Christian!

I don't know you but I don't want you to turn into one of your porn industry peers. Work in the industry by all means but since I found your blog, I've checked out the blogs of others linked to your blog and the older porn industry people are really screwed up. Their blogs, unlike yours, are self-important, ego-centric, soulless...The photos they feature are ones they've taken of themselves and the writing is all about themselves - how they've been spurned, offended, how they are having "me-time"'s all me, me, me.

Yours is a nice blog by a nice guy. I'd hate you to return to New York, the porn industry, and become a jaded ego like so many others...

...and I don't even know you.

Hope you are dealing okay with the break up and good luck at home!