Friday, May 01, 2009

House hunting made easy JULY 2008

I am just a Lucky Charm…… so after just a few weeks of being here Christian was looking to buy a house in Sydney. He had been looking for months prior to me getting here but on the first day that he and I started looking we found it!!!! What took him months and months to find only took me a weekend lol. So what did that mean? It means we moved again!!!! I remember that we moved in on August 1 and the place was a mess with tons of boxes everywhere.

We found a large 2 bedroom/convertible 3 bedroom apartment in the cute little area of Randwick. The space was large and the location was great. From Randwick, buses travelled every 8 minutes and it was only 12 minute bus ride into the city. Kenny too lived in Randwick so that was great and convenient. Especially when I needed someone to talk to. We had an avocado tree in the back plus a garage and laundry room. (I was scared of the avocado tree thou because the avocados consistently fell off the tree and they could knock you out!) We lived right across the street from the horse race course. Right next to us was Centennial Park and Coogee beach was only a 8 minute car drive. The place wasn’t perfect when we moved in. We had to put in a lot of hard work to make it look nice but Christian saw the potential and he nabbed it. It took months of painting, sanding, filling, before we threw a housewarming party. (More on the housewarming and renovations later).

Anyways here are a few pictures from a night out with some Citigroup work friends. It was probably a Friday night after a long days work. Christian then met up with us with his friend Jamie. Also there are pictures from Jamie’s Birthday dinner (Jamie is one of Christian’s funniest friends) The man knows how to entertain a crowd.

Hope all is well
Jonathan Vargas

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