Monday, May 11, 2009

Xmas + New Years - family = ehh dec/jan 08-09

Right around this time period things got pretty bad pretty quickly between me and Christian.(it was actually right around the time that Erica left if I was being honest) I don’t want to get to details into what happen but it wasn’t jolly for me at all.
For Christmas we stayed at home and open gifts at 12 on Christmas eve. That’s the way me and my family celebrate and I thought it would be nice for us to celebrate in the same way. I also cooked these amazing
empanadas that we had for Christmas dinner. I remember feeling really sad on Christmas because things weren’t going to well and I didn’t have my family close by.

A few days later Christian left for Byron bay and I stayed in Sydney. For New Years I went over to Ben's place since he had an amazing view of the harbour bridge. I later then went over to Nick and Jason’s to see the fire works since they also had an amazing view of the city and harbour. At 12 we saw the fire works go off and everyone had someone close to them near by. I wasn’t feeling really happy so after the fire works went out I said thank you to nick and Jason and went home to go to bed.

For New Years day I went to a party with Ruslun a good friend from Citigroup and Andoni and Allen. The party was nice and we all had a good time. At that party is where I also met my good friend Dennis who you will hear about a little later. This is also the first time me and Ruslun had gone out to party and let me tell you he had a great time. We all did really.

I also moved out of Randwick into Rushcutters bay around this point too. I moved to a studio apartment on my own and fixed it up.

Anyways I don’t want to write about this point in my life to much since it does bring back painful memories.

Hope all is well
Jonathan Vargas

PS Paris Hilton was at Bondi beach and thought I would take a quick picture for the hell of it.


Jaymes said...

thanks for sharing your life with us babe. i know things are hard and i doubt you want to write about some of the stuff but thank you for giving us some insight on wht you were doing while you were away. the pics are super cute too :)
xoxox Jaymes

Waldo said...

Well, at least you have good friends that helped you through tough times! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm loving your writing... keep it coming.

Will, England