Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Big Two Four Jan 2009

I am almost a quarter of a century old lol…. Whoo hoooo.
Being in Sydney for my birthday was a big change for me. Instead of being pale and cold I was tanned and warm for once.
This year I didn’t plan anything major… I invited a few friends for dinner at this thai restaurant called Opium Den located in Potts Point.
We had a nice meal and a few laughs plus a couple of drinks. After dinner we walked over to get some ice-cream which was perfect

That following Sunday I went to the Beresford for a few birthday drinks and celebrated with Justin since it was his Birthday too.
It was really simple birthday weekend and I really enjoyed myself too. The only thing missing was Ruslun since he too was supposed to be celebrating his birthday as well, but he decided to be silly and stay home.

I also got some really sweet gifts from my friends too.
I got this stuffed penguin I really wanted, an amazing drawing in a frame that a friend did for me, money, t-shirt, cards, and a few package from back home.

Laterzzz everyone
Jonathan Vargas

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