Monday, May 04, 2009

New home + friends + food = Good Times Aug2008

So I was going through my pictures and found a few from when we had a few people over for lunch for the first time since we moved in. This is a little before we actually started to renovate. It was back in mid August and we had Kenny, Allen, Martine, Charlie, Adam, and Nora over. Nora is one of my Citigroup friends. She was actually the first person I started to hang out with at Citigroup. I don’t remember how it happened but I am sure she probably started talking to me and I just spoke back. She has a really outgoing personality and meets people really easily. We would spend our breaks together if we could. If not I would go to the gym. Anyways I invited her over since I wanted CT to meet the people I hung out with. Charlie is one of Kenny’s friends who is really shy and quite. He is from Africa and has been in Australia for a few years on a student visa. Unfortunate for him Nora grilled him non stop in order to get him chatting. It was really funny because Nora picked up on Charlie’s quietness. She wouldn’t ask him any questions that allowed for a yes or no answer. It was like “Charlie what do you like about Australia and why” or “what do you miss the most about home and why”. Kenny had the biggest smile on his face because here Charlie was speaking for longer then a minute.

I also remember that this was the first time I had feta cheese in Australia. I have had Feta cheese back home in the states and I really don’t like it at all. Its to strong of a cheese for me and I just don’t like it. SO when Martine was adding the feta cheese to the salad she was making I asked if I could get some before she put the feta in because I don’t like feta. She was telling me how good this feta cheese was blah blah blah and convinced me to have a small taste. AND THANK GOD I DID ….. I LOVED IT. All I eat now as a treat is feta cheese and crackers. The taste is completely different from the feta back home and I really hope that when I do get back to the states that I can find the same cheese. Aussie feta I love you!!!!

I contributed to the feast by making Muffins for dessert. I got one of those Betty Crooker easy bake mixes with real blue berries. I ate half the mix before baking it but its ok. No one would have eaten all those muffins anyways! I have a really bad sweet tooth hence the constant fluctuation in my weight but anyways who cares. No one seemed to complain (expect for those who wanted more muffins ooopps)

Anyways I think that’s all for now

Hope all is well
Jonathan Vargas
Ps Here is a funny video my friends made. This is how they speak to one another in real life :)

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