Monday, May 04, 2009

Slave Labor Aug-Oct 2008

So I thought I would post a few pictures from one of the days we were renovating. We had spent almost every weekend renovating our new home for a few months, and the house is still not done till this day. But it sure looks a lot better then before. It’s funny because when we first starting working on the place we would trick people in coming over by telling them we were have a renovating party. It sounded fun and I think the first week we tried it everyone had a great time. The second time around well……lets just says those laughs turned into grunts and those smiles into frowns lol. People were working during the week and now on the weekend and we payed in food not in cash lol. So it was no surprise to us when people stop showing up to our “party”

The jobs varied from painting, filling-in cracks and holes, sugar soaping the walls, sanding, taping the edges, stripping the windows, and drilling. My attention to detail I would say isn’t to great. If anything I was always trying to find the best shortcut. I had this theory and it was “ if you cant see it why bother “ lets just say that Christian didn’t agree with my theory and neither did Kenny, but I thought I would try anyways. I remember painting the inside of a display case and I thought there was no need for me to paint the edges since the doors on the display case would cover them and no one would notice unless you open the doors. And seriously who was going to open the doors anyways. In the end I painted the edges and I guess I got a feeling of satisfaction. No I didn’t hehe+

Renovating our new home made me feel like CT and I were getting closer. Yea I would complain and moan when we had to get back to work but deep down inside I Kind of loved it. The only frustrating part of the whole renovation process was that the house never seemed clean or organized.

Anyways that is all for now

Hope all is well
Jonathan Vargas

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Waldo said...

August-October 2008, wow... Still a lot of months to go, but getting closer!!!