Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Housewarming party OCT 2008

The housewarming party was a great success! We had a good turnout of people and people seemed to be really having a goodtime. That day I had cooked up something really special. I made my own pastry treats. It was a pastry puff filled with strawberry, honey and chocolate, or banana, honey, and chocolate. My pastry puffs were a hit. John our neighbour from upstairs had asked how I made them since he really enjoyed. Hell everyone enjoyed my tasty treats lol :) One of Christians friends used to play the piano for a rock band so he played and sang a song for everyone. Only one person got drunk which I thought was pretty good considering that Australians are known for binge drinking and getting hammered. The few people that stayed till the end were nice enough to help us clean up.

I pointed out my pastry puffs in case you couldn’t see them:) you will also notice that I gained a little bit of weight, but we won’t tell anyone :)

That’s all for now
Jonathan Vargas
PS.. This is the book Cornell gave me before I left to Sydney. Can I say its one of the best books I have read to date. It's a beautiful novel that explores, friendship, honour, betrayal and most importantly love!

A must read and btw don’t you even think about seeing the movie. It sucks!

PSS... I got to see Angels & Demons last night and it was good but the book is BETTER!

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