Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Pre-housewarming party Oct 2008

So these pictures are from a day before and the day of the housewarming party. Christian’s sister Kylie was in Sydney for the housewarming party. She flew up from Melbourne and came to see our hard work and to help us celebrate. It was good to have an extra hand around the house since we needed all the help we could use. While she was here we had gone to the beach with her and Mitchell. I took some pictures of Ct which I think he looks extra cute in.

Also I took a few pictures before people arrived to the housewarming.

Ok so you see those painting on the wall. Ct bought those while on my second trip here in Sydney. He really likes aboriginal art….. I cant say I am a big fan but these ones are nice. And remember my story about the display case I painted. Well that’s on the left of that same picture. It used to be the color of pine wood YuCK!!!!!! Doesn’t it look pretty now?

I also painted the wall where the TV is...... it’s a really cool metallic green. I love metallic colors.

I am trying to keep the blogs short since I yip yap to much and I can’t really remember all the details.

Now you can see where I lived thou,

That’s all for now
Jonathan Vargas

PS...on more current affairs I went to see Wolverine a few days ago.... the special effects are pretty cool but other then that i thought it was just an OK movie. OK because it only cost us 7 bucks to see it :) I saw it with Amy, her brother, and CT

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