Monday, May 11, 2009

Central Coast fun Jan 2009

In mid January my friend Steve invited me to go up with him and his boyfriend Wayne to their friends Justin’s vacation home up in the central coast. The central coast is less then a 2 hour drive north of Sydney and I really did need to get away for a little bit. I was feeling really down and I just wanted to spend time away from the city and bond with my buddies. This is also the first time that I met Justin and can I say he in an amazing person!!! He has battled cancer twice and was going through therapy when I met him, but he never complained if anything he was always beaming with positive energy. He can take any situation and turn it around. He really is an inspiration to me. Justin you ROCK!!!!

Anyways on our first day there we went up to beach for a swim and some sun. We took a few boogie boards from Justin’s vacation home. After the beach we went to get some food and then headed back to the house. At the house there were tennis courts and we all decided to play. We played tennis for a few hours and it was so much fun. I hadn’t played tennis since I was in the 5th grade so I was rusty but still a lot of fun. I actually play once a week now if I get a chance. Anyways then we headed back to the house just to sit back and relax. Had a few beers and just talked and took a few silly pictures. It was really helping me take my mind off CT, but then I would see Steve and Wayne cuddle and I would sort of loose it and go upstairs for a second just so that they didn’t see me like that.

It was especially hard since to me it felt like I had lost my best friend. But anyways enough of that ……. We later on we all joined in at cooking and made a nice meal. I hadn’t cooked anything since I moved out and being back in the kitchen was great. I made my favourite tarragon mushroom chicken casserole. We drunk some more and ended up watching a movie.

The next day we drove up to New Castle which is a small town just 30 minutes north of where we were. I can’t say I really liked New Castle, but it could have been because the weather was very cloudy and blah. We ate lunch there and headed back down.
The trip ended up being a positive and wonderful experience. I got to know Wayne a lot better since I usually just hung out with Steve. And also rock star JUSTIN!! There all cool peeps !!

Anyways time for me to go

Hope all is well
Jonathan Vargas


Cornell said...

hahaha. Justin during Mardi Gras, his body says



Anonymous said...

I'm loving your writing... keep it coming!

Will, England