Friday, May 08, 2009

Uecomm Christmas party Dec 2008

These are just a few pictures from Christian’s work Christmas party. The theme to the party was anything that ended with an O. so people went as scoobie-doo, rainbow bright, psycho, Jackie-o, and nacho libra. Me and Christian decided to keep and simple and go as a duo. Lol we were just going to get matching outfits and a mask and call it a day. Then our buddy Andonie called us saying he didn’t want to go since he didn’t have a costume and blah blah blah. We eventually got him to come with us and instead of going as a duo we went as a trio J The party was held at the Hilton hotel in the CBD. The food was good the drinks were better. It was an interesting night.

Hope all is well,
Jonathan Vargas

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