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Scuba Divers at Last march 08

Training to become a certified diver ended up being a lot of fun. We got to meet some interesting new people and had a blast with them all. I remember one night during our scuba classes we were sitting at our desk and the instructor was trying to teach us an acronym in order to remember some vital information. Everyone was allowed to make up there own acronym and lets just say mine was filthy!!! It was so bad that I was just cracking up and I couldn’t control myself. The instructor asked me what my acronym was and I politely said that I didn’t want to share it. But he keep insisting that I share it with the class and everyone but Christian was insisting (Christian had a good idea were my mind was). So I caved to the pressure and said ‘Boys With Big Asses Get Filled’. Everyone’s faces in the room just dropped and the instructor pretended not to get it. CT was soooooo embarrassed that when we were in the car he was telling me how I couldn’t say thing like that here because this wasn’t New York blah blah blah. I wasn’t embarrassed to be honest but I guess he had a point. I am not sure if that night was the night that we got on top of his water tank and stared at the stars. There must have been thousands that night.

Before you know it we were on our way to Polaris Island to go for our first real scuba dive. We had practiced first by a pool which ended up being fun as well. Well learned a lot of hand signals and how to empty water from our masks. We also learned how to breath properly and how to adjust our buoyancy in the water. I remember being upset because they didn’t pair me up with CT as a partner when we trained at the pool. Must have been the comment I made a few days ago. Anyways Polaris island is about 1 ½ hours north of Townsville and about a 45 min boat ride off the coast. The boat ride was nice and there was about 15-20 people on the trip. I was so gullible with all the stories the instructors told. In order to keep us away from hitting and damaging the coral he was telling us a story about these coral jumping leeches. That if you got to close to the coral the leeches would jump up and bite you. I was a sucker and believed it. I didn’t realize he was lying till he was telling us about the hoop snake. Supposedly if you went up the mountain there were snakes in trees that if they saw you they would take shape of a hoop roll down the mountain and bite you. I mean there are animals that can camouflage and change shape!! Why couldn’t there be a hoop snake or a jumping coral leech? Anyways a nice American girl told me there was no such thing and I felt so silly. Christian just laughed at me.

Back to scuba diving…. Well we all went back into the water to take our final class to become certified divers. After that we were allowed to take 2 dives on our own with our partners. I made sure CT was with me this time. It ended up being a wonderful experience. We took pictures with our underwater camera. We saw Nimo, and a huge clam. We saw the coral reef which was nice. I had issues going down below
13 meters because for some odd reason I couldn’t equalize my ears so it hurt a lot. I had to go down real slowly. I remember making funny faces to CT and just really having an amazing time.

Funny story….. I never saw where the bathroom was but according to CT it was horrific. It was this spider infested hell hole with a pit that looked like it homed alligators. He felt so bad for the ladies and he decided that he wouldn’t go near it. So we went out into the bush and found a couple of big leaves a small stream of water and did our business out in the wild.

At night time we had a nice dinner around the camp fires. Another funny story was that during our trip we were a little worried that they would be slightly uncomfortable around us being the only gay guys on the island. But boy were we wrong. WE WERE A HIT!!!!! Everyone was so interested in knowing how we met, how long we have been together, if we were planning on getting married. Any question you can think of we were asked. It was really cute when you think about it and it was funny because up till that time we had probably only spent like 6 whole days with one another.

Me and Ct slept on the rocky beach looking at the stars that night. I know its very romantic, but its wasn’t planned that way. When we went to lay in our tent we noticed something moving around. We really couldn’t see so we used the flash from our camera to light our tent. What we found was a massive spider in the tent and me and CT freaked out like girls. First we tried to kill it and we missed so I flipped out thinking “OMG the spider is probably piss off now, she is going to bite us “ and we both flew out that tent screaming. The problem was that we had to get our sleeping bags which were still in the tent and the beach was rocky and we needed some kind of cushion. It took us about 30 minutes to get the stuff out of the tent and onto the beach. It wasn’t the most comfortable night but I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. The moon was shining bright and the stars were sparkling.

Anyways this blog post is getting to long now

Hope all is well,

Jonathan Vargas

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