Thursday, April 23, 2009

Traveling 40,000 miles in under a month April 2008

Hello New York!!!! shhhh go pack your bags we are heading back to SYDNEY”.
So I got back to NYC and said hello to all my friend, only to tell them that I was going back to Sydney for another Vacation with Christian.
Well I wouldn’t say it was a vacation but more of a getting to know one another holiday. I didn’t leave immediately!!!! I waited 2 weeks lol.
On the plane ride back to New York I was a mess!! I cried, slept, ate, pooped, and cried some more. I really hated the idea that “that was it”.
I couldn’t get it around my head that something so wonderful could be over. So we spoke on the phone and decided that a second trip was in order.
Besides I left my brand new sweatshirt over there and I had to come back for it (any excuse would have done really).

Once again Christian and I had an amazing time. We laughed, cried, giggled, and made fun of one another.
This trip is also the trip where I said 3 little, but powerful word. I LOVE YOU. In my head I felt funny saying them since we had only known each other
for just a few days but in my heart it felt so RIGHT. He didn’t say back when I said it which I was comfortable with. He said it closer to the day I was leaving back
to New York. We were sitting in the car probably making out and he whispered in my ear I LOVE YOU TOOOOOOOO. Knowing me I probably cried but dont actually remember if I did :)

You guys are probably feeling sick and nauseas with all this love talk lol. So here are a few pictures from one of the things we did on my second visits.
We went to an auction that helped raise money for an AIDS foundation. I think it was Malcolm Turnbul home which is one of Australia’s elite. His home was amazing and right
on the bay. It was intriguing how people would spend thousands and thousands at the flick of the wrist. I was tempted to raise my hand in the bid just for fun but was afraid that no one else would bid and I would get stuck. It was a great night and we both had a lot of fun.

A few days later I was back on a plane to NYC . I was coming back only to say goodbye again and this time for Good!!! well sorta lol

Hope all is well
Jonathan Vargas
Ps I love this song



hey, maybe you can help me... my friend jonathan... i think he's missing... somewhere in australia. if you see him, please let him know mikie dreyden back in new york said hello! ~xxoo

Anonymous said...

CT is really good looking! It seems like you really love each other. I think you should really try to work things out so that you are together. connections like this don't often come. i wish you luck.