Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Leaving everything behind MAY 2008

Saying Goodbye to my family and close friends was extremely hard. I know the day I told Cornell he was sad for weeks. I was sad that I couldn’t take him. I knew he was happy for me but was gloomy that it came at a high price. My mother did the very typical thing and worried  she loves that I am adventures and spontaneous but like all mothers she had her fears. Erika was also upset but I knew her reason and she too was happy that I was happy. I cant remember detail to detail but what I do remember was that I had the most amazing going away party EVER!!!

Christian flew into New York to come get me and this also gave him a chance to meet my friends and family. I needed them to meet Christian and get the OK…..  . I picked Christian up from the airport and booked a hotel room for me and him. I had laid out some chocolate and drinks plus a card to make him feel special and to welcome him back. That same night I took him and a few friends to see Fruta Bruta which is this spectacular show in NYC.

Anyways I decided to have a going away party on my rooftop and let me tell you it was a SUCCESS!!! I had elementary to high school friends. Friends I met in college and friends I met when I have gone out. The weather ended up working out for us since it was forecasted that it would rain but nope we had nothing but some sun and clouds. I think it drizzled for a moment but that was it. Erika helped me with the barbeque and getting the food. Everyone got to meet Christian and Christian got to meet everyone. It was truly one of the best BBQ I had ever been too.

On that day Cornell also presented me with one of the most beautiful gifts I have ever gotten. He made me a very special and unique video with clips of New York, Best wishes interviews with my friends, and just random stuff that were edited beautifully. It was creative and wonderful. No words can describe how it made me feel. I cried and cried with Joy when I saw it and its unbelievable sometimes how someone would go so far just to make someone happy. I will never in my life forget it. I cried for almost all the video which went on for like 25 minutes. THANK YOU CORNELL and everyone who helped or spoke in the video you guys are Priceless! And thank you everyone who joined me in the celebration!

After the rooftop party we had a very long and festive night at Peter’s “WORK” party then after we went to Pacha. We danced and laughed the night away and I was just so happy to have my friends and Christian all there. It was one hell of a night.

On the following day I took Christian to meet my mother. We had a small gathering with my uncle, aunt, brother, sister and a few family friends. It was a bit weird for CT since everyone was speaking in Spanish. I showed him a few baby pictures from when I was cute thing. Pictures of my family and old letter I had kept. We all ate and chatted for a bit before I said goodbye. You know what’s really astonishing…. I can’t believe I have managed to survive a whole year without having my mothers kiss or hugs. Its one of the things I miss the most and I am curious to see how much she has changed over the course of the year. she probably wonders the same thing.

The next couple of days were really hard for me and Christian. I was crying all the time because I got scared. I was afraid to leave my home and friends. I was very much bi polar and poor CT was thinking I was having second thoughts. But I knew deep down in my heart that I was doing the right thing by following my heart. I knew that it was going to be hard. I just didn’t know how hard. Before the airport I thought I wasn’t going to see Erika and that made me really upset. But I got to say goodbye real quick and she handed gave me a poem. I will post up the poem if she gives me permission. Saying goodbye at the airport wasn’t any easier but I was thankful that some friends took the time to come with us. After saying goodbye it was just me and CT from now on. I was going to begin my life as a kangaroo. Our flight was delayed so we just sat and ate at the airport. I remember having lots of cookies and treats.

Take off was awful!!!! We had tons of turbulence and I could have sworn the plane was going to come crashing down. 22 hours later I would begin my life in Sydney

That’s all for now
Jonathan Vargas


Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous you are leaving the US. Good luck with everything and keep writing.

Cornell said...

that day was sad =(

miguel cried so much at the Web. oh girl.

his tears could have been used as Lube for every asian queen at the web.