Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Good times in Canada

So I finally made it to Canada for the first time. I find it funny that I have been to the other side of the world and yet I never explored what was right next to me. I went to Toronto to be exact and stayed at the Westin Harbor Castle. As you can tell by the name of the Hotel I was by the Harbor.

Toronto was extra busy that week since it was the Toronto International Film Festival and I went to go catch a few good movies and do a little celebrity stocking. Well not much celebrity stocking since I dont care for them that much but def into the movie scene. I did get a glimpse of Matt Damon and George Clooney. George is shorter then I Imagned but then again I really dont care. I was really hoping in seeing Oprah or Megan Fox..... I think Megan is soooo HOT!!!

Besides the Film festival I did a lot of sightseeing by walking around all of Toronto. I stopped by a few of the art museums and went to bloor avenue for some window shopping. Toronto had a little area that was similar to times Square but at a much smaller scale and I found the people to be very friendly and liberal.

On one of my days there I ended up going to Hanlahs Beach which is a 15 min ferry ride from the Harbor into lake Ontario. Its a small group of island bunched together in the lake that makes the beach, park, and a small airport. The beach was clothing Optional and lets just say 80% of the people there were naked. There were people there with there wives and kids, with family members, with there partners and many individuals. I was all by myself and I thought “what the hell” I mean if people really wanted to see me naked they could. I mean my bits are not that hard to find and I felt comfortable because everyone else seemed to just hang out naked and it really want that big of a deal. So I took off my trunks and laid nude like everyone else. I did worry that my bits and pieces were going to get sun burn but I was only planing on being in the sun for about an hour and a half. I put in my ears phones and just baked. I didn't get in the water since I read somewhere that the water wasn’t the cleanliest water around but it didnt stop other people from getting in. After the beach I went for a walk around the park and admired the views and the scenery.

I also went out at night and bumped into my friend chase and his boyfriend at this bar. I hate going out on my own so when I saw them there I was relieved. They introduced me to there friends and we just hung out during a drag show. I also went to “Fly” night club which is the club “Babylon” from the show “Queer As Folk”. Its a lot smaller then I thought but the music was good and I did my happy feet dance. Afterwards I was invited to go to the Sauna..... From what they said the Sauna in Toronto werent like the Saunas that people were used to. They said that they were very clean and had many fine “amenities”. I am pretty sure all these things are true but I declined the offer since I really wasn't in the mood to watch or to participate in sexual behavior. As you guys know I am not afraid to have people watch me do my thing but again I wasnt in the mood and just felt like going to bed since I needed to be up early to do more things. Next time I will consider going.....

Anyways thats all for now..... Stay tuned for more

Jonathan Vargas

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