Thursday, October 22, 2009

Marching in Numbers

Its a shame that I live in a country where I cannot marry the person I love. That I can be evicted from my home or lose my job because of my sexual orientation. Its a shame that thousands are harassed and discriminated and aren't protected under the law.

Having said that, my friends and I thought it would only be fair that we stand behind the movement and provide support for the Equality March. On October 11, 2009 we marched with 200,000 other members and supports of the LGBT community. Letting everyone know in Capital of hill that we are no longer going to wait around for them to take there time with our issues. That we are only asking for the rights that everyone else has in this country.

"A free and equal people do not tolerate prioritization of their rights. They do not accept compromises. They do not accept delays. And when we see leaders and those who represent us saying 'you must wait again,' we say No! No! No longer will we wait!" Cleve Jones

I think what we did by marching was amazing but if you were to ask me what we should do to really get there attention I would tell the LGBT community to stop paying there TAXES!!! I am more then sure that Washington would read the message loud and clear and they would changes the law in minutes!!! but thats just my opinion and don't necessary know if that would work.

Keep on Fighting
Jonathan Vargas


Ricci said...

congratulations for joining the cause and who's that fuck'n hot latino in the top picture on the right? I want to marry him

Anonymous said...

I feel so sad that ppl always put us out from a group. It's even worse in East Asia. The law can't protect us from the situation you mentioned in your article, but at least most of ppl in big cities in US, like NYC and SF, can accept ppllike us existing in their life. I'm from East Asia and moved to Oklahoma from NYC 2 yrs ago, I don't come out to any Asians, here I only come out in front of ppl who can accept us, otherwise I just pretend I'm a normal dude and hide myself. I'm still hoping one day ppl can change, but I know the probability is very small.