Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mi primera ves en Peru

Where to begin with Lima Peru....... Like any country or state you visit you have your nice and not so nice areas. The majority of Peru is poverty stricken. Many areas have dirt roads and incomplete houses. The walls are covered in graffiti and many areas are just very run down. On the other side of the spectrum you have your beautiful neighborhoods that have scenic views of the pacific ocean. I was lucky enough to be staying in Miraflores which is one of the very nice areas of Lima.

I went to Lima for a business project that I am working on. I dont want to say just yet what that is, but I needed to come down to learn about the industry and to check out some of the materials needed. The first 3 days I can say I was extremely busy and even thou I don’t think I made the progress I wanted to make I still managed to get an experience and learn something from this experience. I just needed to learn in a less expensive way!

Some interesting fact about lima is that it never rains. I was here for 4 days and they are in the overcast season. I barely saw the sun out since it was nothing but clouds but believe it or not they tell me it never rains. There are always clounds but no rain. They get more rain in the desserts then they do in Lima. When I arrived I thought I would have nothing but sun and maybe have some time to build on a tan but NADA!!!!

Also if your planning a trip to lima I hope you have nerves of steel. THEY DRIVE LIKE LOCOS!!!!!!!!! I dont think of myself to be a nervous wreck but OMG I felt like I was going to die every time I got in a car. I was on a highway on a way to a party for a couple who were celebrating there 12 year anniversary and we must have gone aginst traffic 3 TIMES!!! EVEN A TRAFFIC OFFICER TOLD US TO GO AGAINST THE TRAFFIC TO GET ON THE MAIN ROAD!!! There aren’t many stops signs or traffic lights and people just drive any way they feel like. NO FUN

On a positive note I really enjoyed the coastal park in Miraflores. I also liked that they had a mall built into the cliffs that overlooked the Pacific ocean. I also got to go to a 12 year anniversary party for a gay couple and there friends. There must have been like 8 couples there that were together for 10 plus years. The food was delicious and dont get me started on the fruits and vegetables so rich and tasty. The people in lima were just as sweet!

Anyways its time for me to get some rest, Sorry I didnt take many pictures but my focus was on other things and I didnt really get the chance to be a tourist.

Jonathan Vargas


Juan said...

hi. i randomly found your blog, and i was surprised to see you went to Peru. My parents came from Peru in the 70 and i was born in NY in 1980 which leaves me with alot of family in Peru. It was nice to hear about Miraflores and see all those great photos.

I would like to hear about the gay bars, clubs, and life in Peru.



Christian said...

Hey..I was surfing the internet and happen to run into your blog which I think is totally awesome!.

I'm from Peru and go to Lima all the time to visit family and friends. Another funny thing is that I just read the previous comment and see that J was born the same year I was..what's going on is this like a spiritual re-encounter portal or something..;-)

Anyways, keep doing all the great work and good luck on all your business endeavours.