Thursday, September 09, 2010

Barcelona ohhhh I love you pt1

Where do I begin with a city that was just incredible?!?!?! Do I talk about the Food, the city, the men, or just the overall experience? I figured I should start with the food since thats usually my favorite subject in general. The Food in barcelona was unforgettable. I had the best little tapa burgers with tapa croquets. Roasted chicken over steamed rice and sauce. The wine was incredible and cheap!!! My mouth watered at the site or smell of food.

The city was exactly how every city should be!!!! Efficient metro system, close to the beach, beautiful buildings, and easy to navigate and walk around. I stayed at the AC Diplomat which was in Palace de Garcia. Location wise is was perfect. The weather couldn't have been better either we had nothing but sunny skies and warm days. Nothing extremely hot.

The men in barcelona was so hot that it became very overwhelming/numbing. The city was packed with tons of guys from overseas and every corner you looked you saw a hot Man. It got to the point where you just stop staring since it was so common to see a hottie right next to you or in front of you.

I did most of the siteseeing with my friend Eddie whos from New York. And went to the parties with Tons of Australians that I know. I mean I knew about 20 Aussies there and we all got together for lunch and dinner plus the parties. Also tons of New Yorkers and many more Frenchies.

I payed a visit to the Joan Miro museum, also to the Sagrada Familia, Picasso museum, and Casa Batlo

Here are just a few pictures from the city and Museums

Hope all is well

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