Thursday, September 09, 2010

Aussies in New York and Robs Bday party

Whats better the one Aussie visiting from Australia..... try 3!!!!
My really good friends Dennis and his Bf Zane made it to NYC to pay a small visit to the city that has it all. Also my friend Fabio was in town as well who I met on my last visit to Sydney.

I cant even start to tell you the shenanigan we boys got up too but lets just say after the week was over all I wanted to do was be a hermit and stay in doors.

The pictures are from my really good friends Robs Bday BBQ in queens. He had a Pac Man theme and it was hilarious and fun. The Aussies had a great time and so did I.

Also on one of the nights I snuck my sister and her best friend to a local bar. I had taken my sister to dinner and I was taking the Boys out for one last time and I remembered the place didn't check for Id's. So we went to Duane Read got some make up and headed out for a short while.
At the bar I got them a club soda with some cranberry juice :)
No drinking on my watch. Everyone that saw my sister said we looked alike the only thing is she doesn't dance ( still working on that )

Hope all is well

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