Friday, August 13, 2010

The pines

So the crew and I went on another journey to fire island to make it to the Pine Party.
The Pines party is more than just an all-night dance, Pines Party is the community’s premier annual fundraising event, providing grants for two essential beneficiaries: the Stonewall Community Foundation and the Fire Island Pines Property Owners Association Charitable Foundation.Stonewall grants benefit the LGBT population of New York City by helping AIDS patients, combating HIV infections, supporting breast cancer research, and promoting human rights.

Its a full-on event and Davis was gracious enough to allow me and a few friends to spend the night at his home. Davis goes out to the island every weekend to enjoy the sun, men, and water.

I was feeling extremly tried and I ended up resting in Davis home while the boys went out to Low tea and High tea. When they came back we had a lovely dinner. Cornell brought over a steak to cook and a simple salad was made as well......oh and some ice-cream too.

After dinner the guys got ready and we headed over to the event. I cant say the music was very good but spending time with the guys was fun.

below are some others pictures from Fire island while watching the sunset with some friends :)

Hope all is well

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