Friday, August 13, 2010

Fire Island "Invasion"

Summer in New York isnt summer till you have made a few trips to Fire island. This year I have been over to the island about 8 times already (I guess I am making up for the summer I was away). Each time a different experience.

For July 4th the Crew and I went over to the island to watch for the first time the "Invasion"

Lets just say it would have been tons of fun if the sun wasnt beaming on us and the crowd wasnt so tall. We later went over to Wills & Toms place and chilled by the pool. I remember taking it really easy that day. Pride had been the week before and I was not in the mood to start all over again. Temptation was there dont get me wrong but I was able to stare into temptations eye and said NO. We got on the 1030 ferry back to New York :)

Thats all for now

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Ricci said...

good boy Jonathan and strong character but still it's high time u went back in the porn bizz or at least get urself a nice loving hubbie