Friday, August 13, 2010

The Gaga Lady

Ok so I cant say I am a big music fan. I really dont follow bands or groups or artist. There are a few here and there that I like and I appreciate. Others that I can care less.

The Gaga lady is one of those performers that I cant say I am in love with or that I really can say I like. I would say I am indifferent. I mean she has a few songs that I really enjoy listening to, But in the end I feel like I have seen it all before and that she really isnt that different from the rest.

Something I can say about her is that she did put on an amazing show at Madison Square Garden. My friends love and adore her and when they said they wanted to see her concert I jumped in on the action. I havent been to a concert since last year and Miss Britney wasnt that Great.

Gaga lady really impressed me with her songs, her show, her singing and overall performance. Can I say that I love her now ???? Not really but you bet Ill keep an eye out for her. Something that I do like about her thats different is how she is a proud supporter of the LGBT community. She is using her influence to let people know that the LGBT people need love, support and that she is standing with them in the fight against discrimination, Harassment , and violence.

Thanks to Darwin, Rebecca, Victory, David and Cornell

Love ya guys

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