Monday, November 06, 2006

Oh what a night

Oh what a nightCan we say liquored up. I don't remember the last time I had drunk so much liquor in one night. I barely drink but yesterday you would have thought I did it everyday. It started with two martini drinks that I mixed at home because drinking in bars and clubs get expensive. Then my little buddy Cornell who I love came over to pick me up. Being the great friend that he is he brought a tiny bottle of vodka that we shared and poured it into his tai lemonade. We took a cab over to our first pit stop which was misshapes. We paid 10 dollars to get in and it was sooo boring that we left after 20 minutes and headed over to Mr blacks. Norah was supposed to come up out with us. So I gave her a call and she was with 2 friends who came from Germany and Tampa. And that she wanted to party and that she had vodka lol. So we came back to my house and onto my roof top and drank some more. We yelled we laughed we cried. Good time good times and Norah looked amazing. Before you know it the bottles gone and we are out the door going back downtown to Mr blacks. I remember going in and Norah already ordering drinks. She so cute because she is so supportive with me. She kept telling everyone that I am in la dolce vita. The place was jammed back. I saw Damon Demarco there he is the really sweet guy who made me the dlister of the week on fleshbot. I must have been ass drunk when I said hi to him so I am sorry if your reading this. I don't remember much after but I do remember being super happy. Miguel ended up there too and he was looking fierce as always. I got home around 430 crawled into bed with my hot bf and past out. What's even funnier is that my head was still spinning the next morning and had been 8 hours already. Oh what a night.

Till next time
Jonathan Vargas


filmfanatikk said...

Yep, been there and done that. It happens to the best of us. Not the first or probably the last time. Good to hear you had fun though.

mark said...

jonathan you are so hot.