Monday, November 13, 2006


Joe Oppedisano booking signing party was held yesterday at rizzi book
store. Joe had sent me an invitation to go and it was actually a lot of
fun. I with my buddy Cornell and ken was supposed to come but he had to
stay at work a lot longer then expected. Me and Cornell say a few of the
guys in the book like Manuel Torres and Joseph Sayers, Erik Rhodes and
few other people. Kinga was there too. He was the one who did my makeup
for the photo shoot with Joe actually. So it was nice to see him again.
Over all it was a fun experience I had a great time. That same day my
cousin flew in with his friend Bill. I got to take them out and had
dinner at a Colombian restaurant with my mom sister and brother.

love Jonathan Vargas


G Cracker said...

My mom's a romance author so I've been to a few book signings. They always sound like they're going to mediocre at best but turn into a great time! Especially if its a book like Testosterone looks like it is, instead of one of my mom's pseudo-Jane Austen novels. :P

You've been having a lot of fun lately, I'm kinda jealous not gonna lie. :P

filmfanatikk said...

You look adorable in the pix. Glad to hear you are having some fun. Keep it "up!" ;)

Jeff said...

I think I'm becoming a fan of u, I'm from Colombia and living here and it's so cool to know that there is a raising star in the porn industry with Colombian blood!. Anywyaz, lov your blog and please more nudies haha, well, i'd like to know if you are a top or a bottom.
Keep it up!
Mucho luv!

G Cracker said...

So, I decided you should be the pretty person of the week on my blog. :)

Donald said...

Looks like you're having a lot of fun lately. Great!! Can't wait to see you in Michael Lucas' La Dole Vita.

Chris Evans said...

you have a lot of time to blog
you gonna say how lucky you are
you have a wonderful life
I wish I would have it all

Desiree said...

Hey! I was at the book signing as well. (The girl wearing the black zip up, hot pink under shirt, and skinny jeans) It was an absolute blast and had a great turn out. I can't wait until the next book release. You will have to check that one out as well. If you are a friend of Joe's then you will recieve an invitation. Can't tell you who is releasing a book, but I can say that it is going to be HOOOOOOTTTTTT.