Monday, August 10, 2009

Food all weekend long

This weekend I was very busy EATING!!!! On saturday I had gone over to Cornell's house for the first time since he moved. I invited my little sister to come since I wanted to hang out with her too. Miguel and Alma also came to Cornell's house. I brought over some pita bread, cheese, and hummus for appetizers. Miguel got 2 really nice bottles of champagne to make mimosa's. I had no idea Cornell could turn it out in the kitchen. He made Thai chicken curry which was super good but super spicy. Half way into the meal my nose was dripping like a broken water pipe. For dessert we had ice cream and like always I ate like a pig. I had 3 large bowls of ice cream. I am starting to think that I am going to be in big trouble when I get older. After lunch we started to paint since Cornell had a canvas and brushes. We all collaborated on one big piece which turned out really nice. We all had a great time.

On sunday I had my mother and brother come over since I wanted to make them a home cooked meal. I slaved away in the kitchen for about 2 hours ( not to mention the clean up time since I left a hurricane of a mess ). I made a tomato and chicken stew which came out superb if I do say myself. My brother and mom licked there fingers basically. We then just drunk a bottle of wine and just had some family time. My sister didnt make it since she had plans already but who care's I saw her the day before lol. I sent some food back home with my mom. They stayed till about 5 and then I had to give them the boot since I had a friend engagement dinner.

So my good friend Mallory is getting married and she had invited me down and a few other of her friends down to her place for dinner. I havent been to Mallory's home in years and I hadent seen her parents in about 2 years. When I got there her mother nearly knocked me down with hugs and kisses lol. I also got to see my friend Isabel and Rosemary who I hadnt seen in about 4 years. It was like we never left high school. We all ate and played games. Me and Isabel won a bottle of Apple Cider for being a fake couple lol. I ate some more once again and everyone was asking me if there was an end to my stomach. I remember going over to Mallory's sister's house for a dinner and I cleaned the house out. I really do think I have a bottomless stomach:)

Anyways thats all for now I am very sleepy sleepy

Jonathan Vargas

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Cornell said...

why are you shirtless during ur lunch with your mom and brotha??

this ain't alegria. its brunch!

cool cool. boo you for not taking pics at my lunch.

can u post ur poems now please?