Monday, August 24, 2009

BOA= Bank Of AssHoles

So I am furious and livid with Bank of America or what I would like to call Bank of ASSHOLES!!!
A few days ago I logged into my account online just to make sure everything was O.K with my accounts. Make sure bills were being paid ..etc. When I noticed that my Credit Card limit went from $6000 down to $500. My first reaction was "wow there must be a mistake let me call them" I have never been late with my credit card payment and had basically paid the account in full at this point. I am speaking to customer care representative. And he told me that because I was late on my mortgage a few months back I was considered a high risk client.

So a little background information..... Back in January I was jobless, I had no tenants in my home, I was heart broken, and 10,000 mile away from family. I was going through a really ruff time and I was trying to do my best to keep my head above water. I have always taken a lot of pride in being financially responsible but shit happens and I did the best I could. I was one month behind on the mortgage for a few months (which I understand that it doesn't look good but its like I was missing payments for 3 or 4 months). As soon as I got back to New York I got up-to-date with my mortgage and have been paying it on time ever since.

The part that pisses me off like crazy is that what if I had gone away somewhere and I would have used my card??? I get to the counter and the person behind it says my card has been declined??? Do you know how embarrassing that would have been! Till this day I have yet to recieve a letter or a call letting me know that they were cutting my credit limit so drastically. I tried to negotiate with the guy letting him know my situation and asking him to go through my payment history on that card and to see if I can strike a deal and maybe rise the limit up to a reasonable number in which we can both be happy. Want to know what that ASSHOLE DID???......... HE CLOSED MY ACCOUNT COMPLETELY!!!!

I can give you all the boring details on how I called like 3 more times and spoke to one asshole after another. What makes me really upset as well is that I was trying to start this new chapter in my life and start this business venture and use the Credit cards as just back up. I now have to rethink my whole plan and its going to set me back. The cards I was going to use as a security measure but now that idea went down the drain. I went to check my credit scored and it dropped from a 750 down to a 685 which is still considered to be good credit. Its going to take about 1/2 a year to rebuild my credit so its back into the excellent category. I'll apply for a new card in december but not with BOA!!!!


Till next time
Jonathan Vargas

On a lighter note I saw 2 great movies these past few weeks one was "Julie and Julia" and I saw "500 days of Summer" Both movies were wonderful and I recommend that you see them.


Ricci said...

Jonathan I'll suck ur dick any time, any day. As a European i've had my problems too with american banks. They behave like psychopaths.
But maybe this is an omen of a good nature? I'll burn a candle for you tonight. Wishing you much good things, ricci

Travis said...

For some reason I was thinking of you so I decided to google your blog to see if it had been updated. Anywho that has been happening to alot of people. American Express has been paying people 300 dollars for people to pay off and close their accounts. They cut my account by 2500 and I am scared when I go to Germany next month that they will cut my limit again and I will be screwed in Europe. Hang in there!

Jason Ridge said...

YO!! Jonathan.. i'm feeling you and missing you at the same time... when will i ever get to see my friend again