Thursday, September 20, 2007

Let it Go !!!!

This is going to be one of my blogs where I am going to just ramble and be all over the place. Most of it will probably not make sense, and I may jump from topic to topic. But I just feel angry and I am not sure if I am angry at the situation or the company but I just feel angry. So this October we were going to be filming our big movie which I was really excited about. I was hitting the gym, eating right in order to get prepared for the next movie. Then today I get a call from Michael saying that the way the movie was working out i wouldn't really have a part unless I bottom for Ray Stay or Jimmy. Reason I am angry #1 If this is a huge production why is it that I wouldn't have a substantial role to begin with so that I could be a part of the movie??? I feel angry because looking back at it i wasn't originally cast in "The Intern' They literally called me last minute to ask if I would do it. I had no time to prepare which means I didn't look my best but was still decent and I gave a good performance. When I did "Auditions 18" and "Welcome to Paradise" again I was asked like a week and half prior to the shoot and I was away in Colombia for a whole month before that. DO you have any idea what they serve in Colombia, Let me tell you its not the healthiest, but sure taste real good.But hey I made the scene work and I was also there working as a PA and I busted my ass working 11 hour days and then having to do a scene and making it look like I had all the energy in the world. Ok whatever Jonathan get over it. SO you must be thinking ' Hey Jonathan why don't you just bottom for Ray Star or Jimmy. I dont want to Bottom for Ray Star for personal reasons that I dont want to discuss. If I am going to be in a film I want it to be the best it can possibly be and I don't want to do a shity performance. Besides he has a really big dick and I wouldn't be able to handle that buts that beside's the point. So its a NO for Ray Star. Now you say "why not Jimmy"? Well beside's Jimmy also having a huge cock that I wouldn't be able to take he happens to be Straight. I have met Jimmy and he is a nice guy but you know what I am kind of over this whole "Str8" bois in porn who don't do shit but stick a dick in an ass. When I was filming in Hungry this past summer I had this beautiful scene partner who was gorgeous. Tall, built, and just sexy. Only problem was that he was "Str8". he didn't suck dick, he didn't lick ass I basically had to do all the work!! The scene went ok but I was thinking. these "str8" bois want to work in our community while offering nothing but maybe a big dick or a cute face. I am so sick and tiered of this "str8" boi fascination. I feel likes its a form of self hated in our community. I have friends who get all excited when they claim to have seduced a 'str8" guy. So fucking what if he is "str8" just be happy you got to tap a hot piece of meat and not because he claimed to be "str8". Ill bottom for a "str8" boy but that's only if they Bottom for me first. If You want to be a part of this industry "Str8" bois, then fucking take a cock in your mouth and ass. Going back to the roles . I don't know what role Jimmy has in the film but why cant I take over his role? I mean I am an exclusive for them and i should have a substantial role in a large production. This could be a business move in the sense that there might be a bigger following for him since he does have a larger cock then me, but i don't know if that's the reason. All I know is that I just feel upset because I was really excited about the new film and then I just got left out. I also could have used the money but I am sticking to my principles of NO Ray Star or "Str8" bois who don't toss there ass in the air. The bigger point would be is that i would want to be considered for a better role and have a part written for me. I don't need to be the star of the movie but I want something that is more then just some guy you pick up at some bar, club, or alley. I might be blowing this out of proportion and being a prick but that's how I feel at the moment. ooh just remembered something else. Hustlaball just past a few weeks ago and again I wasn't asked till the last minute if i would come up on stage with the company. but I had already promised to go up with Fabscouts and they asked me almost a month before the actual event. It just goes back to what I was saying. I feel like I have worked hard and make the best effort to join all the events they host. and to feel like your the last thing in there mind just sucks. Or at least that how its feels like right now. N-e-Wayz I needed to get that off my chest and I am sorry if I rambled and if Idon't make sense.


Jonathan Vargas
I want to make it clear that I am not trying to trash the company or Michael , but just saying how I felt at the time. Good news is that I am feeling better:o)
May have over reacted just a bit. but i still stand strong on the whole gay for pay thing. everything else is fine


filmfanatikk said...

Hey J, You make very valid points. Everyone knows what a self serviant prick he is. It's practically self-proclaimed. I'm sorry to hear he dicked you over. If he really wanted you in the movie, he would make concessions. Unfortunatley, you are an exclusive and until your contract runs out, he can do what he wants. SOOOOOOOOO many former exclusives have nothing but ill regard for the man. It's all business to him and he doesn't care about people's feelings. You have every right to feel that way you do. You just have to decide how you are gonigto handle future decisions at Lucas Ent. I suggest getting out and making as much $$ on yourself and name you can. Once again, sorry to hear you got the shaft. You are a very sexy man!

Jonathan Vargas said...

Well I don't hate Michael for it either lol. but i am a bit mad. I am mad at both the situation and the company. but it is what it is.

Anonymous said...

A very good friend of mine was also an exclusive for the company. Same Bull was pulled on him as almost as if it was an ultimatum. Same situations called days before. Its that industry I guess. But one thing. Don't change your principles. Stick to them your young and hot and if this is what you want to keep doing. Do it for you the way you want to do it. Many people already know who you are. The company should be happy to have you. But like Flimifanatikk said its a business.

Stick to your principles papo.
Much love, luck, and success!

Howard said...

Jonathan Forget EVERYTHING else, I am very proud of you, and the accomplishments you have made in the past year. In time, it will all work out.
Remember, respect is earned, you have worked hard for it, and proven yourself, and ARE respected, whereas others.....
Talk to you later.


Anonymous said...

All your points are completely valid. You are extremly sexy and I'd much rather see you in a seen, than some of those others. I thik itis good that you have your principles and that you stick with your convictions. You are definetly one of the HOTTEST out there! Hope it all works out for you.

Anonymous said...

you need to get rid of these people who are making ton$ of money off of you bro and start your own company or be a free agent...if it can happen in the world of sports, it can happen in the world of matter on the field or in the bed, someone's getting their ass fucked!

Tre Xavier said...

Brother, you are not rambling. You make perfect sense. I had those last minute calls for both of the movies I did for Pitbull. And I really mean last minute - as in them calling me at 2 PM, and they want me there @ 7 PM that same day.
As for your disdain for "gay for pay". I also experience that same crap in a movie I did for Pitbull. Double R was my scene partner, and we were watching a straight porn video. I love all porn, so no big deal. BUT it's real annoying to do a scene for a gay porn movie, and you can't physically interact with your scene partner. In fact, I was fluffing Double R for his cumshot, and he asks me to move my head so he can see the TV screen. My feeling is why don't these GAY porn studios stop hiring these guys, and give the job to guys to REAL GAY MEN. From what I've seen, most of the "gay for pay" guys are only good for a cumshot. And when I comes time to give to their gay
scene partner like an actor should, they show themselves to be dead weight. So these directors need to start taking that into consideration, after all it is their job to make sure their actors are comfortable.
Lastly, speaking of Jimmy, his scene in Auditions 19, didn't get a very good review in HX Magazine recently. Which just goes to prove your point, and my agreeing with it.
Sorry to take up so much of your space here commenting.

Anonymous said...

Indeed Jonathan as an 'exclusive' michael should have given you something better or adapted to some of your wishes. This Jimmy guy in auditions 19 may have a big dick (who cares?)but not a very tasteful one and it was all so very mechanic that i really wonder why he got another part in a movie.
That u prefer to work with a guy where there is some interaction is perfectly understandable. Michael did offer u a scene: why was it so diffucult to give u another partner? And by the way i thought u look perfectly well, in shape, cute, handsome and sexy in 'the intern' so stay natural baby and as my favorite my 'selfish-me' wants u to see in as many future movies as possible but not at all costs.
Why don't u just give Michael a phone call and talk it over (don't know the guy so maybe he is as impossible and tough as some claim him to be) After all he made u an exclusive and that shows that he realizes you're a wonderful addition with the most sensuous lips, the most beautiful eyes and a gorgeous butt. Don't think he wants to lose that in the end.

johnplaster said...

Hey Jonathan,
I totally understand how you feel, especially about the str8 gay for pay dudes, that is crap, they need to get fucked. I respect your decisions, and stick with your values. Your a cool person and hot!; much better then any of those other guys out there. When I met you in person you chat and are a "real" nice person. I've met those other stars with Lucas, including Michael, they are so fake. Keep up the great work, xoxo
John from Philly

Jonathan Vargas said...

hey thank you everyone for the support. I must say that I was a little emotional at the time and I dont have any ill feeling towards anyone.

Travis said...

Amen J about the str8 boi fascination, I just don't get it. You are a great guy, I guess the good guys finish last :( *hugs*

Jason Ridge said...


I completely understand, You are an exclusive and you shouldn't have to compromise and you should choose who your scene partner is plain and simple. You know I love and respect you very much, so the final say has to be with you.



Donald in Toronto said...

Have you discussed this with the boss?

G Cracker said...

Jonathan, if they are making these last minute calls and you can't do it, what is going to happen? I'm guessing nothing or -- gasp -- they'll terminate your contract and won't you be a free agent then? I know you would be able to get work with other companies (Ridgeline Films, for instance :P).. It's up to you to lay down the law, and now that you've made these decisions I say you should. No more last minute calls and definitely pick your scene partner!

DEMHUMPZ said...

It so refreshing to hear your heart & principles in a world where most think that you guys have neither because many will go with whatever.Stick to what your heart is telling you & stand in that. You are an exsclusive & are one of the most visible Lucas Men. The things you are saying & desiring are rightfully so & On top of everything fuck the bullshit your a STAR dammit regardless! ( :

Anonymous said...

stay strong dude. you're a great model and you deserve to be treated as such. you frustration is quite fair. hope it all works out.

Anonymous said...


I agree with you 100%.

The straight boys in gay porn have either got to go or give up the ass.

I find it disturbing just how self hating the gay porn industry is today.

I am involved in the industry and I've kept my mouth shut but I support you.