Friday, September 14, 2007

Lucky Star Bitch Bday Bash

About 2 weeks ago I threw a major Party for one of New York's finest. This Man is one stand up guy who sticks by his friends and is beliefs. I am very fortunate to know this Man and I wanted to share this special day with all of you. You may already know him as Cornell aka Lucky star Bitch and this was the night of his birthday bash. We started the night at my place gathering everyone one up for drinks and cake. Then we all went down to BBar for dinner and just had a wonderful time. Everyone was laughing and kissing and talking. After dinner we went to therapy to see the Lavita Draper show. She is a women who pretends to be a man who pretends to be a women. Hope I haven't lost you guys already. But unfortunately we had the dates messed up and Therapy was being hosted by a drag queens who was doing a karaoke party. Cornell went up and kind of made an ass of himself but he was drunk and would soon forget. except for that fact that I made a video of him. Over all the night was perfect and my buddies party was a success.

Lucky star bitch you rock

Love Jonathan Vargas


Cornell said...

thats' meeeeeeeeeeeeee..


Thanks JP youre the bestest of the best

i dont know how to say that in German but still. you know it.

jersey mike said...

hahaha u should have told them how cornell got gonged! lol twice :P ~ Jersey Mike