Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Out Magazine Party

So last week was the beginning of NYC fashion week and what better way to start the week then with an Out magazine Perry Ellis party. I was contacted by Out magazine to see if i would work an event to help promote Perry Ellis underwear line. The venue was at Lotus which is located in the meat packing distract. The 3 floor venue was packed with hot guys and gals. What made the party even better was that it was open bar so you know everyone was buzzed. I don't really drink so I didn't have any but its ok, cause I am high of life as it is. we gave away small little gift bags with underwear and perfume. Also I mentioned that Jason Ridge was in town to promote his new movie and company. We had gone out to dinner at high line and the food was great as always. I had this Guava mojito( yes I had a drink but its a mojito) and it just tasted so yummy with a Marsala curry dish with chicken and potatoes. Plus my tequila steak salad. I have so much more to tell but I need to get the pictures first. Thanks for Dinner Babes you truly are a great guy. Best wished

Stay tuned for more

I also want to mention that today is the 6 yr anniversary of September 11. It was a painful day for all Americans and the people of the world. Many lives were lost and I want to mention that they are not forgotten and our prayers go out to all the family and friends that lost loved ones.

Jonathan Vargas

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Travis said...

So is that a hotel, I like the duvet cover that is why I am asking. Also how is the picture signing going to happen. Are they just giving away picture with your sigs or will there be a line. I will not be in NYC until 9/27 but I would see if my friend would go there for me on Thursday hehehe.

Let me know please.