Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Branden house warming party

Branden house warming party was almost month ago away but I just got these pictures earlier this week. A lot of my great friends were there and we all had an amazing time. Branden got a place down by Fulton street. He had tons of people over which was great. The music was incredible and we had this amazing roof top that was huge. Miguel decided that I needed a more dramatic look so he applied eye liner and of course I didn't refuse since he was the one who did my awesome hair. My favorite girls Alma and Noura partied hard and had a great time and our hottie DJ Aaron kept spinning till daybreak. It really was a great night and rumor has is that there will be another party coming up soon so I cant wait

Take care everyone

Jonathan Vargas

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G Cracker said...

Looks like it was a ton of fun, and your eyes really do look great!