Saturday, August 04, 2007

London I love you

This was the last stop of our amazing European Adventure. Cornell and I stayed in Piccadilly Circus which is the Times Square of London. Our Hostel was real close to the Soho area which is a gay neighborhood in London. We went bar hopping, sightseeing, and made some cool new friends. My biggest pain with London was how our money was worth NOTHING over there!!! Its extremely expensive for Americans. I wanted to cry since everything was worth double. One ride on the metro was like 4 dollars for me. Me and Cornell went to this amazing party called Juicy i forget the name of the district buts its another Gay neighborhood in London and this place rocked, The music was great the people were great and the lights were awesome. There was this one song that I heard down there that I just found and every time I hear the song it bring me back to the night that was just so much fun. its called (Counting down the days Axwell Mix) We made two news friends there since we had gotten lost and Cornell saw this couple and asked him where the club was located and they were so cool that we ended up partying the whole night with them. Thx Liam and Dwayne. My last day in London was kind of bad since i missed my flight and had to sleep at the airport till the next day. Other then that I love you.
later guys
Jonathan vargas


Luca said...

Glad you enjoyed London. I feel so lucky I live here!

The club night you loved (Juicy) is at a club called Fire, and the neighbourhood is Vauxhall (which yes, is very gay, with lots of clubs and bars - lively at night though, whereas Soho is day- and nighttime busy).

Travis said...

sweet!!!!!! thanks for sharing your trip!

Oscar said...

Wow when was the last time I left a comment on your blog? I'm sorry about that but anyways,sounds like it was fun. glad you had a nice time.
P.S. (Off subject) i finally saw Encounters 5 I had it for some time never had time to watch it your scene of course was my favorite i can't explain how good it was it was that good. you and Jason make a great pair ;)