Monday, August 27, 2007

Fun under the sun

So this weekend Cornell, Aaron and I decided to take a trip to the beach. We soaked up some sun and made a couple of waves in the water. On the way to the beach we were extremely worried since the day was muggy and cloudy. We spent most of our traveling time praying to the sun god and thank god they were listening. Thought out the whole trip the weather was nasty but once we stepped of the train the sun was shining bright and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. We played in the sand a bit and then we went off to get some food at the empress hotel. We saw Mike who looked good as always and he was really nice to buy us dinner. We jumped into the pool for a bit got more sun and then went home. I got home sooooo red that I could have sworn i was a tomatoes. You would think Spanish guys don't turn red but I did. Lucky the next day it even out a bit and I owe it all to my aloe Vera lotion. The next day I spent sometime with my roommate and Cornell and went to go see "Star Dust" Its a must see movie. Its creative, smart, clever, funny, and super gay friendly. So go out and check the time slots for Star Dust and go see it today

Hope all is well

Jonathan Vargas

Michelle Pfeiffer looks so Fucking hot


Travis said...

I have been contemplating seeing that movie. Thanks for the report!

G Cracker said...

Look like plenty of fun!! And that picture of you with the tube over your head is super hot, you should do more with that pose if you get a chance. (I'm so gonna take credit for that and let it go to my head if you do, but that's okay. :P)