Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Pleasures at Paradise Hotel and my scary plane ride

This week I did some promotion work for the new movie Welcome to paradise at the empress hotel in Asbury park NJ. I had such an amazing time and Mike "the Intern" blogger was the one who set it up with The promoter Jersey Mike. The party was called paradise so it was obvious a must for us to host the event there. It was total success and I got to meet some incredible people. I had known mike on the set of the intern but i didn't get to know him better till just now and he was defiantly a fun guy to hang with. Also i cant forget My ladies Mrs.Cee More and Kitty. Last but not least Jersey Mike who was just a wonderful guy with a great smile working the Bar, DJ , and Kitchen. He was so eager to please and make sure I was ok with food and drinks and Just a total gentlemen. he also gave me a cd that I am listening to right now while I am writing on the plane to see my dad. SO thanks all of you guys for making it a fun night.

Hope all is well XOXO
Jonathan Vargas

A few moments later:

while I was on the plane I noticed a huge spark and flames coming from the engine ( mother fuck this shit I am going to die). It turns out one of the engines happened to blow out while in the air. You should had felt my heart is was skipping a few beats. The guy next to me was freaking out and earlier on the flight he must have had 3 drinks. lol
We had to make an emergency landing in Indianapolis. Lucky we landed safely and they got us on another flight to Chicago two hours later.


Oscar said...

well the party sounded fun. I'm glad your safe that must have been scary, I know i would have been freaking out actually I wouldn't be on a plane i'm deathly afriad of planes but i'm glad your safe well ;)

Donald in Toronto said... are so fucking HOT!!!

Mike Kashey said...

Good times. I do think you are cursed though when it comes to travel between the monsoon on the parkway and the incredible exploding engine. It's a good thing you don't drive in the city. LOL.

You never told me....did you win the lottery?

Philippe said...

How Many times do i need to tell you to stay away from exploding Plane engines... Bad

Glad you are safe though

Keep taking care of your self.

I really wish I could have gotten a chance to know you in NYC. I like your style and energy J

Two more papers and I'm done with my first year of Grad School WOO HOO.

G Cracker said...

The plane ride sounds pretty least there was that awesome party first!